40 Years Making Jewelry

CG (Greg) Miller began his life in the jewellery trade nearly four decades ago after leaving a career in teaching. He was hired as an apprentice by a New York jewellery firm that was expanding into Canada to establish a jewellery manufacturing company servicing the retail market in Western Canada. After a four year apprenticeship Greg moved to Vancouver where he established his own business.

Collaborations With Artists

After moving to the West Coast Greg continued working primarily with traditional designs in precious metal and stones. However a vibrant Vancouver art scene soon had him experimenting with other materials such as pewter, abalone and gold inlays.

The toolbox also expanded into 3D digital design and working with 4th axis milling machines, CO2 lasers and now 3D printers.

Years of model making ensued as well as collaboration with many Indigenous West Coast artists like Vancouver fashion designer Himikalas (Pam Baker) with our line of Copperknot jewellery.